Holy Saviour
Primary School

765 Highbury Road
Vermont South
Vic 3133

Ph: 9803 6828
Fax: 9803 7447

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Holy Saviour School Profile 2012

Holy Saviour Parish was established in 1974 and Holy Saviour School opened in 1977 with an enrolment of 67 children. Then numbers quickly increased and peaked in 1983 at 609. Enrolment then slowly declined to 220 in 1997. The current enrolment is 255 children.

Holy Saviour is an attractive brick school built on nine acres of extensively landscaped grounds in Vermont South. It forms part of the parish complex, which serves the community of Vermont South (Glen Waverley North).

The children come from families that mostly have an upper middle class background. The majority of parents are professional people who have a keen interest in the life and education of their children. They provide a variety of ‘out of school’ experiences for their children in academic, leisure and sporting activities.

Holy Saviour School is a place where staff, children and parents participate in the sacramental and liturgical life of the school and parish. As educators, we endeavour to cater for the needs of all children, assisting them in the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes and fostering in them a desire to become responsible adults. Children from the Parish are prepared for the sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation with the support of parents, teachers and the wider community. The Parish Priest, Fr Tony Feeney, is involved in the life of the school through liturgies, class visits and formal and informal interaction with staff and students.

The Holy Saviour School Vision Statement and Teaching and Learning Statement were developed by the staff and parents and are reviewed regularly. At Holy Saviour teachers strive to make their classrooms vibrant and active learning environments in which stimulating teaching strategies are designed to maximize student interest and learning opportunities.

The partnership of parents and teachers is essential to the life and learning at Holy Saviour School. Parents play valuable roles assisting in the classrooms, participating in literacy programs, physical education, inter-school sport, excursions, library, working bees etc.

Parents have representatives on the Parish Education Board, which acts as a forum for discussing matters concerning the school and parish. The Parish Education Board meets seven to eight times a year and its members include the Parish Priest, Principal, Staff Representatives and elected Parent Representatives.

Holy Saviour School coordinates its own After School Care program with Camp Australia. The program runs from 3:30pm to 6:00pm each school day. Holy Saviour School shares a Before School Care Program with nearby Weeden Heights Primary School. The Before School Program runs from 7:30 to 8:45am each school day.